Bridal Hair

Bride Getting Ready (1-hours)

- All the fun that Bride has while getting Ready with her mom and bridesmaids. The moments that Brides mom and Bride share while getting ready. 

-  As Your Wedding Photographer, I would even love to capture all the details such as: your beautiful dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories, rings, invitation, flowers and all the small details that you have planed to wear on your big day.

-We will even take some portrait shot if our time allow us

Groom Getting Ready (1-2 hours)

- Same as Bride getting ready shot even groom getting ready are more fun to have in your gallery. 

_ We will Capture all the fun that Men have before the wedding and while girls are getting ready. 

-  We will even capture all the details such as: suit, shoes, accessories, and all the small details that you have planed to wear on your big day.

-We will even take some portrait shot if our time allow us

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First Look  (30 mins - hour)

-  First Look session. It's the most romantic and intimate session of Groom seeing this bride for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress.

- We can even do similar with father seeing his beautiful daughter if you don't want to do bride and groom.

Note: If you decide to have a first look, then the following can also happen before the ceremony.

-Bridal and Groom Portraits

- Bridal Party Portraits

- Single Portraits

-  Immediate Family Portraits (Extended family should take place after the ceremony).

Ceremony (1-2 hours)

- This is the moment everyone has been waiting for, you may be nervous, and thats completely normal, just look into each other’s eyes and soak in the moment.

- I will capture all the decor and venue before your ceremony starts so we ask to give us at-least 15 mins time before ceremony.

- Family Portraits with Immediate and extended family is ideal right after the Ceremony

Wedding Ring
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Bride & Groom Sunset Photos & Cocktail Hours (1-2 hours)

- Perfect time to take some portraits of you and your spouse.

- We mostly like to plan it close to golden hour, which is the best lighting for portrait photos.

- Once the portraits session is done, enjoy the remaining time with family and friends at cocktail hour.

- Candid Photos of your guest during this time (at your request and only can happen if you have a second photographer).

Reception (3+ hours)

- Wedding Party Entrance 

-  First Dance with your spouse and parent dances.

- Toasts, Cake Cutting, and Bouquet & Garter Toss.

-  Dancing - feel free to let yourself loose with your guests during this time and enjoy the remaining of YOUR WEDDING DAY!

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Please Note: The above information is just a suggestions, we'll modify and adjust the time according to your wedding. 


We really hope you decide to choose us as your wedding photographers.