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Anza Borrego Dresset Engagement I Tiffany + Cezer

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

First, I am just so thrilled to share these photos from Anza Borrego Engagement Session that I did last year.

I know I know! You might be thinking I did this session last year than why am I sharing so late? Let me start by say: If you know me then I am a photographer who respect my clients privacy and their space. I first let my clients have fun with their own photos, let them share with their family and friends before I share them on my website.

I am in love with the desert session. The lighting is just so warm & SO PERFECT. You cannot go wrong with doing an engagement session in the desert, that’s for sure.

This was my first time out here for an engagement and it definitely an amazing experience to photography this cute couple.

This place looks like you’re on Mars! It’s vastness is unbelievable, and was an experience in itself.

We (me and the couple family) didn't knew what was hotter, the temperature which was it was literally 115 degrees or these two. The answer is for sure these two, they were definitely on fire.

These couples are adventurous and I am lucky they pick me for their adventurous session and wedding which will be next year.

It was over 2 hours of driving but was worth it. I cannot wait to do more of these engagement session here and explore this place more.


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