Cheering the Bride

Our Health Guidelines

How we're taking care of our existing & new clients during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Social Distancing / No Touch

We maintain social distancing & using no-touch posing methods while giving you the best quality of images.

We use all prime lens which help us stand at the minimum of 6 ft distance to take gorgeous photos of our bride & groom & their guest.


Personal Protective Equipment

We use PPE such as masks and gloves while working with clients. We also sanitize all our equipment after & before each shoot. Our studio is closed till the future notice for studio photoshoot.


Meet The Photographer

We are always open to do a video call to meet are bride & groom to be. 


We believe in being good citizens and we are continuously communicating with San Diego County to get latest updates regarding the safety measures.



If you are exciting client or client to be & worried that your wedding has been or will be postponed due to restriction on the amount of guest or your venue is closed, Don't worry we will help you to reschedule our services to a later date at NO additional cost.


If your wedding is booked for 2021 or 2022, not to panic about what we don't know yet. If we all do our part in the social distancing this will be over sooner than later.

That being said, we are keeping all of our clients in the loop & we are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to book your wedding  than shoot me an email and we will help you.

Wedding Embrace
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Even though we may feel so far away at this time but we are here for you.

Our inbox is open you can Email, Call or Text anytime!  We're going to continue to post helpful tips & provide encouragement too!

To book your wedding photography date with us or if you have any question you can

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